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"ON THE ROAD IN AMERICA" is a documentary-reality TV series about four young Arabs from the Middle East on a cross-country road trip with an American film crew.

The first season’s cast met with then-Senator Barack Obama, Senator Dick Durbin, Senator Barbara Boxer and Congressman Sam Farr and attended diverse cultural events including a Blues Music Festival, Red Sox game and Dude Ranch. The first season aired several times on the largest distribution network in the Middle East (MBC1) where it was the number two rated prime-time show with over ten million young Arab viewers. In the U.S., it aired on the Sundance Channel four times.

Shooting on the second season began with a new cast May 2009, starting in Los Angeles and culminating in Washington DC.

To many foreigners, the words Christian, Imperialist, Capitalist, and Racist aptly describe American culture. In the second season, we take a hard look at these phenomena. We do not ignore the clichés but dispel and contextualize them and introduce our cast to the enormous complexity of these issues, and ultimately reveal them to be a part of the much larger and infinitely varied subject that is America today. Apart from episodic themes, the larger story and the one that the viewers will follow is the evolving attitudes of the characters: the people that they meet along the way are in a sense mentors and the events, catalysts in their journey.

Episode I: “Fame and Fortune” is set in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and will address Capitalism and Celebrity, the pros and cons and its underside: the Impoverished and the Forgotten; Episode II: “Cowboys and Indians” begins in the Navajo Nations and ends in Dallas and is about American Expansionism and its consequences and remedies; Episode III: “Looking for God,” set in New Orleans and the South, looks at the enormous diversity of Faith in America; and finally Episode IV: “Hope” is about racism, education and the future. It begins in Montgomery and Birmingham and ends in Washington D.C.

The diverse cast of the second season will help American viewers better understand and appreciate the mosaic of faiths, geography, cultures and value systems that constitute the “Arab world.”

The series is created and executive produced by Academy Award-nominated and Emmy-winning producer Jerome Gary. It is a Layalina Production in association with Visionaire Media.