On the road in America visionairemedia

Sara Hoteit

Sara is 22 years-old and was born in Ivory Coast, but has lived in south Beirut, Lebanon for the past ten years. She is religiously Shi'a, and is away from her family for the first time in her life filming On the Road in America. She graduated from Lebanon's Saint Joseph University with a BA in Marketing and Advertising, and has been working at the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Lebanon as a marketing expert.

Lama Masri

Lama is 21 years-old and was born in Saudi Arabia, also lived in Bahrain and currently resides in Beirut. Lama is a devout Sunni Muslim and a member of the Lebanese national women's soccer team. She is a recent graduate of the Lebanese American University and is now a Marketing and Public Relations Executive for Avalon Lebanon.

Joseph Assi

Joseph is a 22 year-old Christian Palestinian refugee who resides in a refugee camp in Lebanon. Prior to joining the cast of On the Road in America Joseph had never flown in a plane or left Lebanon. He is currently pursuing his Master's in cinematography and has learned about the world almost entirely from films.

Basheer Haddad

Basheer, who goes by the name 'Bash', is 25 years-old. Although his family is of Lebanese descent, he has lived most of his life in Cairo, Egypt. Religiously, Bash is Druze. He currently lives in Egypt, where he works for a small music and film production company. Bash is an aspiring filmmaker and wants to spend the rest of his career in media.